Little Pumpkin Forrest

Dionysis & Paula

Little Anthony

Paula and Dionysis live in Switzerland, but they decided to celebrate the christening of their firstborn son in their home country, Greece, on a warm September morning.

Our relationship with them was trust at first sight. Everything was arranged through emails and phone calls, and the young family was able to arrive and enjoy their special event almost like guests – stress-free!

The lovely gardens that surround the chapel on the grounds of the old Thessaloniki Prefecture building, full of trees and verdant shrubs, was the ideal location for our concept for the event.

Medium-sized metal boxes filled with bonbons and candies, customized with the event’s creative identity, were handed out as favors to the guests.

After the ceremony, the family enjoyed a lovely lunch with friends and relatives at the modern penthouse restaurant at the Thessaloniki Music hall building, which was decorated with wild autumn flowers and lots of colored balloons.

We wish little Anthony and his lovely parents a wonderful life!