Nice to meet you!

Organize That studio is a wedding planning agency that provides full assistance in the event planning matters.

Wedding planning and Customized events are the outcome of our love for fun, celebrating, creating memories and the need of keep organized everything.

Together with you, our trusted clients, we plan from scratch the wedding/event of your dreams, making sure that nothing is left to chance. We create ideal settings and draw inspiration from our evolving relationship during the planning process to deliver a sublime event that will make you sparkling and joyous.

Our skilled team and associates are always up for a challenge, providing their services generously and gracefully.

Vicky Tzika the owner of the agency, always omnipresent and vigilant, leads the team, creating a carefree and radiant atmosphere.

Feeling your needs, sharing your excitement and giving meticulous attention to every detail, we will be there to create an absolutely unique and unforgettable event for you.

If we could boast a bit, that would be the asset! Planning and management is the big thing composed of creativity, styling, a bit of fashion, traveling and inspiration from real life.

You dream it, we plan it!

Weekends are for making

dreams come true.


That’s a life of a wedding planner.